This is so like, not me, but when I set the pen to the paper this is what came out. So. . . .enjoy, I guess.

I sat thoughtfully,
gazing out my window of memories
Seeing the evil, recalling the ugly
The time of frozen tears.

And then I remember
in the cold of that December
that good times would persist
I got out of my chair, wiped away my tears,
and started thinking of the best.



03/14/2011 19:57

Your poems are simply wonderful. I can picture them in my mind, if you know what I mean.

03/15/2011 06:16

I can't thank you enough. :-) Some days are better than others. I think that this one is an in-between. And I don't have too many friends in this neighborhood where I live, because there just aren't any. So I have lots of time, and I need to express something through words. And that is what I enjoy. I really like blogging, I've found out.


03/17/2011 15:44

Kate! omg girl, u r so amazing!
i feel like im in the poem, and my emotions are just as u describe them!

03/27/2011 06:57

Now is that good or bad, pinkzebra? I'm worried. . .


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