Whoever wins best story or best poem will get to choose the character and plotline for my next story/poem. So send your literary work (lol) in today! You could win! (For a free trial, please call. . . jk). But seriously, send something in! Thanks! 

P.S.~ Check out this link to funny names of towns. It's fun and embarrasing to see the ones in your state.  




04/07/2011 21:11

It's me, from Silent Moonstone.

-a master of the art of dinner-table conversation

That's what a deipnosophist is! That is a cool word. I'm not a deipnosophist, by the way.

04/11/2011 05:55

That's very true, good job! I'l let you know your prize soon. Right now, math. Cya!

04/19/2011 05:54

Well, you get to add a character to a story that I'm about to write for Shruti. Give me the character/ personality description. Thanks!

04/19/2011 14:14

What's the story about? I'll send the character to you ASAP.

04/21/2011 08:21

Well, these are Shruti's exact words:

Well, I want it to be about a girl who finds her inner talent by going to the beach. There she learns that nature is her best friend.

So, Lily, you can add a character to this story description. Thanks so much!!

04/24/2011 16:44

I will do that ASAP. Thanks for what? Thank YOU! And I'm not that smart, I am just well practiced in the use of dictionary.com.


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