Update on my life: We're still fostering the kittens, there were so many people at the Adopt-a-thon, and pets and all. . . We'll go to another one soon.

I got my room redone; I'm thrilled! Hot pink, lime and black. The rug is so SO FLUFFY. My friend came over and we just layed face-down on the rug for, like, twenty minutes. ;)

SPEAKING of this friend, well, we have an idea. I can't tell you all what it is exactly yet, but I will say that I am working on another site. Don't worry, I'll still have this one. My friend and me have decided to collaborate on it, and the design we tried is wonderful. It should be out in a month or two. It's got a whole new theme, a whole new idea. It should be great.

We also got a new Wii. It's black. Our old one was white and we got it when it first came out, so there was no MotionSensor Plus or anything like that. Plus, it had a problem. Our new Wii came with MarioKart and a black steering wheel for it. It's pretty awesome. And now, I'm addicted to MarioKart. I play it every day with my brother. . . .I know, I know. It's pretty awesome though. And isn't Baby Peach just adorable?
Hey everyone~
  I am here to apologize. My computer had a terrible virus until my daddy fixed it tonight, so I have not been able to update and for that I am sorry.

Thanks peoples!!! I will continue updating now that the bestest daddy ever made my computer all better.   :)