Hi everyone! I know its been a while since you've had a "life update" on me, so here goes!

Well, GUESS WHAT! For my dad's birthday next month, we're going to go DEEP-SEA FISHING! Out on the gorgeous September ocean! We'll be fishing for tuna and marlin, mainly, or anything else largish that happens to bite our hooks. PYSCHED!

Turns out that as a birthday present I'm keeping one of the kittens we're fostering. He is a such a sweet boy! Jet black, with a fun-loving personality, although when he's sleepy he is just precious. Here are some of his darling pictures: (Now be forewarned, I'm NOT a good photographer!)
Isn't he sweet? I love him! Precious boy. He'll be my second cat. The other, one, Sam (antha) is a girl and very sweet. She's older, though. We have another cat, too, but he doesn't really pay attention to me. :D

Today, we got some bad weather from hurricane Irene. Torrential rain, very dark skies and gusty, chilly wind, as well as several long power-outages. Over 1,000,000 people are without power right now!

Irene wasn't very pleasant, but I'm very glad and grateful that no one got hurt (where I live, at least). A few trees got knocked down but that's about it.

That's all I've got to say. I'll be back soon! Thanks for reading!

Hey guys. I have to be brief so please excuse the choppy sentences. Okay, so: I accidently deleted Simply Food. I will not recreate it; it was too much effort to photograph, cook and blog about the food I eat daily. So with my dear friend Rebekah, another site shall come forth. A much-less-maintenance site. I am sorry about Simply Food and I'm sorry that it wasn't really up for very long.

Thanks. More details later.

Well, I have created my food blog, SIMPLY FOOD. On there, I'm Bethany. I have a friend who may join in administering and posting with me on the site, but she's in Cancun right now, so when she gets back I'll ask her what she'd like to do. Now, SIMPLY FOOD isn't on Google Search yet, (It may be a month before it is) so here is the link.

Hey people!

 I've made a new poll at the bottom of the home page. The latest one, on Summer, I just took down. The most popular vote was Hanging with Friends, which by the way, ROCKS.

Secondly, turns out I am starting a food blog, with one of my very good friends. I'll let you guys know when the site's up and running. Thanks for being such faithful fans!

Thirdly, visit this link! It's to my friend's site, and it is called Joyfully Capturing Creativity. It is run by one of the most talented people I know. http://joyfullycapturingcreativity.blogspot.com/ Visit people! Her site is all about her little crafty hobbies. Wish I could do some of them! :)

Oh, and new poem on the poems page! I actually like it for once! :)

Also, on the NEW Short Stories page, I've posted a bit I'm working on, called STRANDED. Feedback and/or suggestions please! Thinking about finishing it later, about OVERWHELMED, my current story, which you can find under Old Stories in the Navigation Bar. Thanks, Lily, for such a wonderful suggestion!

Oh, and I've started school, so I'm not sure if that will interfere with my blogging or not, but if I slack off, it's because I'm busy. :)

That's all I've got to say. Thanks for reading guys!  :) :) :)



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Well, I am huffing right now, because I am frustrated with the Short Stories page. I know it's lengthwise and all, and I'm going to try to fix it. I haven't been successful so far, though, so please pray I'll get it all working. :)  (By the way, Lily, thanks for the attempts at fixing it. I doubt I'll be able too, especially if you couldn't, but hey, try, try again.)

I am thinking about creating another blog, but with a different theme than Blue Jasmine. Maybe. . .food? I cook a lot. Or. . .maybe just a blog about my personal life. Or. . .art, maybe, but I really have no time for that. So maybe a food blog. Hmm. . names, anyone? How about. . .Simply Food. And then under it, in smaller letters: A blog about what is both necessary and trivial: FOOD! Or: Simplicity made into delightful dishes. Or. . .Well, suggest some more titles and slogans in the Comments section. (C'mon, it doesn't take that long!)

That sounds cool. I'd still update Blue Jasmine though, you can be sure of that! I may not even do a Food blog, but hey, it sounds intriguing.

I'll think about it. Cy'all later.

Also~ The game below is pretty addicting, try it out!