Hi Everyone! Well, just to let you know, I ditched the THINGS I LOVE page for a blog page, just to tell everyone about updates, videos, sites, etc. Because I couldn't really do that on my THINGS I LOVE page, and that was really what it was becoming. So here I am! Also, there's a game on the GAMES!! YAY!! page that's pretty addicting. And, from now on, send me a story of your own, and if it's good I'll put it on the YOUR STORIES page. Thanks a lot!

3/15/2011 07:59:27 am

Hey Kate! I went to petrock trelawney blog which was made by my best friend and she said I should check out this site. Its really awesome BTW. Anyway, I was wondering if you could post some of your art pieces. I'd love to see them cause I love art myself!


3/30/2011 11:19:34 pm

Well, Calla, is you've been checking the blog lately, I am going to add an artwork page, thanks to your comment. Thanks so much! So glad to have found a fellow artist!


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