Hey guys! Wow, I have a lot of stuff to say. I guess that's what I get for not posting in some long, right? Whatever. Anyway, my mom just left the house- to sign me up for public school! Yep, that's right, no more homeschool. Lol. I'm kinda scared, but I usually make people laugh so I'm planning on making friends. Also, Spring Break is coming up!! Yay!! I'm thrilled- we might go on a trip, but I'll try to make time to post more of Overwhelmed. It's been so long since I have, good grief. 

Oh yeah, there's this bird in my backyard that keeps clinging to the mesh on our windows. It's driving our three (yes, THREE) cat insane. They'll try to leap at the window, the bird will fly off, then it will come back two minutes later to another window. I think it's funny but it's absolutely torturing my darling kitties. :)

Also, I have a funny pic to share of my kitty:
Kind of awkward, but whatever; it's funny. I'm so glad about it warming up finally, by the way! Earlier I was in the yard doing cartwheels. I'm sure it wasn't that pretty, though . .  So I'll end there, before this gets scarier :P See you guys soon!
3/17/2012 06:03:33 am

Wow, congratulations! Good luck at public school! In my old apartment, there was a royal blue bird with an orange underside which ate food off our balcony. I tried to catch it... under a box, but it flew away. :D And one day it came into our house and pooped on our rug and sat on the dining table. When we tried to shoo it out, it tried to fly out the window. Which had a screen on it. Smart things, birds.


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