I know, I know. I haven't said anything to anyone or updated in a while. . .Sorry. Anyway, my life has been so busy! I've been working on the finale of THE TRIAL, trying to finish Math for the year, getting together with friends, doing art, cleaning, and also learning that life is too short.

I know I sound all preachy, but, see, I wanted to volunteer at an animal shelter. I really wanted to do some volunteer work, but with animals, because, no offense, but sometimes I like animals more than people. So I went to Google and looked up all of the Animal Shelters around me, and found that you have to be at least fifteen, which clearly, I am not.  And I think that life is too short to have to be as old as fifteen to work with animals. I mean, I have a billion of them, and I'm good with them.
Well, this isn't a place to voice complaints, so I'll just shut up about that now.

There is a really cool app for iTouches and iPhones that is called MSLite. Or just MS, the more expensive version. This app makes really beautiful slideshows and I just love it! I made one about our trip to England. :-) The difference between MSLite and MS is that on MSLite you can only put three pictures in the slideshow and one caption each. On MS youcan put tons more. But it is still awesome.

So there was just a huge tornado that came through North Carolina, and about a half-mile from my house, things are obliterated. OMG it was so close, we could see and hear it. We had to take shelter in our bathroom under the stairs, and with four people, two cats, and a dog, I can tell you just how roomy it was.  It barely missed us, and we didn't have electricity for about seven hours. But that wasn't too bad, compared to the death rate.

Nine people died around where I live. Twenty-two died in other parts of North Carolina from this same storm.  :-(

Well,  I have to go, thanks for reading my boring, rambling post. Cya!

4/19/2011 07:13:58 am

Oh my god, I never knew about the tornado! Did you know anyone who passed away? Poor you. I was really impatient during your absence, glad you're back!

4/21/2011 01:51:51 am

Eeeep Thank God you guys are okay!

4/21/2011 01:59:38 am

Omg Peggie! Hey!! Btw, what up with the EEEEP??? lol.

4/21/2011 06:51:41 pm

That is just a great post, I liked very much to go through it.

4/23/2011 10:26:16 am

Thanks so much! I love it when people find my blog, especially since I named it so strangely . .I really appreciate it.


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