Since my most recent post on my blog page, I expect you all know that my computer had a virus. So I haven't had any time to continue the story about Carmody. So to make up for it, here are some shorts I wrote on my mom's NOTES app on her iPhone while waiting for my brother to finish play practice.

The young woman wandered along next to the seawall, her dress billowing out behind her in the strong salty wind. Occasionally, she'd tap a stone near her lightly with her foot, and as she leisurely ambled along next to the sea, she wondered, Is this all there is to life?
The man bent over the manuscript, muttering to himself in Latin. He brought his finger up to the papyrus paper and trailed it along the sentence he was reading. Confused, he furrowed his brow and reread the passage. As he was slowly brought to understanding, a wan smile spread across his ancient, gnarled face.