Well, the title says it all. Yay! The Trial is over!!! I just decided to wrap it up into one section. Hope you've all enjoyed it! I can put it all together for you if you guys want it, email me if so.  Also, if you'll notice, I added two pictures to The Trial slide on the right.

 I'm working on your story, Shruti!


  Cleo blinked, unable to speak.

Suddenly, a girl from the table across the room, the smaller one, waved her hand for Cleo to come over there. “Come over here. Sit with us!” she called out. Cleo nodded and hurriedly walked over to the other table.

The girl that had called to her had a shock of long, thin, bright-red hair. Her introduced herself as Sophia Reinhart. “Come along, sit now.” she said cheerfully. “Over there. Next to Elaine.” she said, pointing across the narrow table to a spot next to the girl that her desk was next to in class, with the dark hair and shy manner. Cleo squeezed in next to Elaine, who gave Cleo a wan smile and then turned back to her food.

The girl on the other side of Cleo had blonde hair, cut like a bob, and her name, Cleo learned, was Camden. Camden Shepherd. “Coz' all the people n' ancestors in m' family lived in Cornwall, farmin' till ere' hearts gave out, n' then they moved t' London. No more 'eart problems.” she said in a fluent Cockney accent. Cleo was fairly charmed.

Then, all the girls wanted to know about America, and where Cleo had lived before she'd come. All of them asked questions, except for Elaine.

“Elaine.” Cleo had finally mustered up the courage to speak to her. “Elaine, do you—do you have any questions?”

Elaine turned to look at Cleo. “One.” she whispered. “Well,” said Cleo, “Ask away.”

Elaine took a deep breath. “What are the people like?”

Cleo was somewhat taken aback. “The people?” Elaine nodded. “Well. . .I don't know. Nice, some of them. Some not. We're very modern, though not as much as you Londoners.”

Elaine nodded thanks. “All right.”

Cleo looked at Elaine. “Elaine,” she said, “Would you like to come over after school?”

Elaine stared at Cleo, and nodded very slightly, a very small smile on her face.

Since that point, Cleo and Elaine became very, very close friends. Cleo still emailed Krystal, but then after a while Krystal's emails died off. Soon afterwords, Cleo received news that Krystal had been involved in an illegal smuggling scandal with Adriana Rodriquez.

They had been smuggling in British chocolate.

Cleo had found what Krystal had pressed into her hand at the goodbye, and remembered that she had forgotten to open it. She did so and found a very sweet note, next to a charm bracelet.

She did not wear the bracelet. She set that and the note back in the drawer to leave it be.

After Cleo had been at school for about a year, everyone began to accept her, though Keely Hart was always jealous of her.


Cleo and Elaine were walking around Piccadilly Circus in London. They stopped at the fountain in the middle of the square and sat down. Cleo had bought a cone of hot roasted chestnuts and the girls were going to share them.

“You know,” said Cleo, as she munched on a chestnut, “When I first came here, three years ago, I thought that this place was a hellhole.”

“What do you think now?” said Elaine, tilting her head to the side.

“I think it's home.”Cleo answered, breaking into a grin.

Life had turned out all right, after all.

4/27/2011 04:16:30 am

I love your story!!!
You are very creative!!! You should stop posting your stories online before people start stealing them,and using your words as their own!!!
Loved it!

4/27/2011 08:47:48 am

The end is very good, I like how final and conclusive it is. (In a good way!) It's sad what happened to Krystal. Just a question- why would smuggling in British chocolate be illegal? I don't mean this insultingly, and it's very ironic-y, just asking. Write more often!

4/27/2011 10:03:04 am

Well, it's not that taking chocolate from Britian is illegal--It's the way that Krystal smuggled it in that was illegal. Which, of course, she hasn't told me how she did it ;-) so I'll leave that up to your imaginations. Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it.

4/27/2011 10:19:23 pm

Well, Zane, the thing is, I was very afraid that what you said what going to happen, so I got onto CreativeCommons.com, which lets you license your work free. It's really conventient. Thanks so much for commenting! :-)


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