Here's part 3. Enjoy.
  Cleo arrived at her campus. The High School building was at the back. It was a very large, silvery, metal building that had, on occasion, held thousands of students. She started up the steps towards the front door of the school, which were crammed with teens talking, eating, laughing, and skateboarding. Cleo was hoping to get into the building without anyone noticing her, but that was too much to hope for. “Hey, Cleo!” Cleo cringed as she heard her name shouted. Her friends Bella, Adriana and Sophia were standing around on the steps, leaning casually on the stone banister. “Cleo, girl! Hey!” Adriana ran over to Cleo, nearly tripping on the steps in her stilettos. “OMG girl! Check out these heels!” She gave Cleo a huge hug, then proceeded to tip up her right foot so Cleo could see her heels. “SIX inches!” Adriana jumped up and down and emitted a squeal. “Um. . .” Cleo said. “They're. . . . impressive.” “I KNOW.” said Adriana. “Mom wanted me to save them for prom. . .but I didn't want to.” “Yes, well,” said Cleo, “Have you seen Krystal anywhere?” “Adriana tipped her head to the side and gave a pouty smile. “No.” “Okay, thanks, anyway.” said Cleo. “I've got to get to class.” “Ciao, girl!” Adriana shouted. “Umm. . .bye.” Cleo called back. Then she entered the school, and, staring at her feet, started to walk down the hall. “Oh, ouch!” she cried out when she ran into a ladder. Two men were up at the top, hanging a banner across the ceiling of the hallway. She walked around it quickly, her face red and flushed. “Cleo!” Cleo heard her name shouted. She looked up. It was Krystal. “Hi.” Krystal said, beaming. “Hey.” Cleo replied. “What's up, Cleo? You seem. . .I dunno, kind of tense.” “Well. . . .Cleo started. “I've got something to tell you. C'mere.” Cleo motioned over to an empty spot against the wall. “I'm mov—' However, as soon as she started to talk, the bell rang and interrupted her. “What was that?” Krystal said when the bell was over. “I'll tell you later.” Cleo said, “When school lets out.” Krystal smiled and nodded, never guessing that she was about to lose her best friend.

3/14/2011 12:56:29 pm

It's a very good story. The only complaint I have is that the chapters are too short, which, coming from me, is a bit hypocritical. Write more soon!


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