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  Cleo tried to relax, but that was hard to do on a plane, especially while there was a lot of turbulence. So she curled up in her chair and thought about all that had happened during the last two months.

Krystal hadn't taken the news well, at all. She had actually passed out when Cleo had broken the horrible news to her. She had fallen on a 14-year-old student, who dropped her water and then screamed bloody murder, which had all the teachers and principal come running. Krystal had broken her arm when she fell, by banging it on a nearby locker and then falling on top of it, and then half of the football team ran to help her but had slipped on the 14-year-old's spilled water and then fallen on top of Krystal, further damaging her arm.

Krystal had gotten a cast before that week was over, but had not been to see Cleo at all. The day before Cleo and her Mother were supposed to leave, they heard a knock on the door, and who was there, but Krystal. “Cleo! Someone here to see you!” Cleo started down the stairs and saw Krystal waiting. “Um. . . I'll go take down the drapes, I suppose.” Cleo's mom said.

“Um. I—” started Cleo. “Well—here, I—” started Krystal at the exact same moment. Both of the girls stood there for a minute.

“Look.” Krystal finally started. “I'm. . .really sorry. You know. . .for how I acted and . . .all that.” “No.” said Cleo. “I'm the one who should be sorry. I mean. . . .your arm. . .” she trailed off. “My arm will heal.” said Krystal. “For right now, though, I came by because. . . .well, you're leaving and all so. . .I wanted to take you out to town and hang out, you know. . . .one last time.” That brought tears to Cleo's eyes. “Come on. Don't cry.” said Krystal. “Today, we enjoy ourselves. Tomorrow, we cry.” She led Cleo out the front door of the house, took her down the front walk, and then both of them got into Krystal's car. “Where are we going?” asked Cleo, after Krystal had backed the car out of Cleo's driveway and started down the street. Now, Krystal was about eight months older than Cleo, and had just turned sixteen, and so could drive. Cleo, could not yet, however, because she wasn't even fifteen and a half.

“Oh. .you know. . .out and about.” Krystal said mysteriously. “Oh, tell me. Please.” Cleo begged. “Fine. We're going to the mall.” “The MALL?” Cleo asked. “Yes. You'll need a brand-new wardrobe if you're going to live in England.” As much as Cleo protested, she could not change Krystal's mind, and so the girls did end up going to the mall. In fact, Cleo was wearing a brand-new, Forever 21© top right now, on the airplane. Cleo looked down at it. It was indeed stylish. Krystal had insisted on paying for all of Cleo's new clothes, though Cleo had really not felt comfortable with that, as Krystal needed to save for college.

After the girls went shopping, Krystal had told Cleo to change into one of her brand-new outfits, though Cleo didn't know why. As soon as that was over, Krystal had driven Cleo to a surprise, good-bye party at the Terynn Game Hall. Cleo hadn't gotten home till late, and was awakened early by her mother, rushing her and stressing out about getting to the airport on time. A taxi had been waiting outside their house, and as Cleo and her mother piled all of their suitcases into it, Krystal came up. “Cleo? You have a second. . .before you leave?” “Only a moment.” said Cleo's mother. “I won't take hardly any time at all, Mrs. Halifax.” Krystal assured Cleo's mom. She turned to Cleo. “I'll miss you.” she said. “A lot.” “Me, too.” said Cleo. The girls stood for a moment, then fell into each other's arms for one last hug. As they parted, Krystal pressed something into Cleo's hand. “Don't open it until you get there.” she said. And then, she gave Cleo a faint smile. “I have to get to class. Remember to email, ok?” Cleo nodded. “Bye.” “Bye.” And then Krystal started back down the street, towards the school, her shoulders drooping. As she watched Cleo's taxi pull away, she thought she saw a tear slide down Cleo's cheek.

Cleo sat up. The headrest on her seat was much too high for her, and her neck was bothering her. A flight attendant's voice came over the loudspeaker. “We'll be at London/Heathrow airport in three hours, ladies and gentlemen!”

3/17/2011 01:34:59 pm

That reminds me of how I felt when I moved to where I live now from across the country. Have you moved, or did you kind of 'make up" the feelings? It's really good. I know it looks like I'm stuck on Ctrl-V for every comment, but it's true. :)

3/18/2011 10:41:56 pm

Haha. Yes, actually, I did move. And it was hard.

3/20/2011 07:39:52 am

I love this story! It's really good and you're a really good writer.


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