Part 5. Yay!!

Dear Krystal-

Well, I promised to email, so here I go. This place is ENORMOUS. I can't even leave the apartment building without getting lost, so far. The apartment building is nice, I guess. It's called the EYE OF LONDON APARTMENTS. Our room is so small! Everything in England is small, actually. Our fridge is about half of my height! And my bed is tiny. So I start school in less than a month. OMG, I just know I'll die with all those accents around me. I'm sure I'll sound really dumb. But the weather's fantastic. I mean, back in LA, it was like one hundred degrees or higher every day. It's about eighty-nine on the temp. right now. The w.c is a whole other matter. Oh, I suppose I'm using British terms already. Or are they English? Anyway, the w.c stands for Water Closet, which is the bathroom, which they shorten to w.c. So, guess what? This is ridiculous: Minna (The cat, duh) has to be quarantined for, like, four months so she doesn't bring in any American diseases, or something like that. We're pretty lucky, though. Sometimes animals have to be quarantined for a year. But Minna's pretty healthy. And I go visit her a lot. So, yesterday I was following Mom around the street. We were both lost, and looking for the bake shop where we were going to pick up some sweets or something. Well, I bumbed into this French chick, and she said to me something like:
"Sors de mon chemin et être poli. Les gens ne sont jamais si rude en France. Américains inintelligente sont assez envahissant!"  Ashamed to admit it, but I've forgotten what this means from my French lessons. I know that your mom is French, so I was wondering if you could tell me what the woman said. Anyway, the chocolate over here is pretty awesome. So I bought some for you and put it in the envelope. I hope you like it. Anyway, I have to go. Email back or I'll kill you.

3/22/2011 10:36:48 am

Cleo must have a really good memory. And good spelling. I don't meant that insultingly, of course.. :) It would be pretty cool if someone mailed me chocolate. Lucky Krystal! Please write more often, your story is great!


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