I didn't quite know what to call this post, so I thought I would name it after my favorite Halloween candy. Anyway, I have made a vow to update more, so here goes!

Of course I had to post on Halloween. Why in the world not? Besides, I finished school early.

I'm not trick-or-treating this year, I am thirteen and consider myself a bit old for that. (No offense, it's personal :) I'm just going to hand out candy to the trick-or-treat-ors, something I've never done. Besides, my mom won't be home, and neither will my brother, and so me and Dad wanted to keep it casual. However, I do have a novel idea that I, of course, have to try.  I'm going to dress up Taz! (my half-grown kitten.) Here are some pictures of cats in costume. I found these funny ;D
Now aren't those the greatest cat Halloween costumes? I'm going out later to find one for Taz. He'll be such a cutie :D

Otherwise I haven't had much going on. School, chores, school, freezing cold weather, school, theater practice, school, art class, and school. Fun fun.  :) Well, at least I'm learning. :)

Have any of you seen the Hamster on a Piano Eating Popcorn video on Youtube? It's the funniest thing ever. I cracked up. I can't post links on this laptop, but you people should totally check it out!

About the short stories: If you haven't noticed, I'm taking a bit of a break from them. It's stressful to write. I will, however, get back to it soon. I promise. a

Alright, I'll update again soon. HAPPY HALLOWEEN......!! 
I know it's been..well, exactly twenty days since I posted. I never had any idea that I'd be so busy! I've been going to school, and doing school, (...) getting feather extensions (YESS!!! Pink zebra :D) going to the fair, hanging with friends, painting, cleaning, and cooking. It's a little insane to be me right now. 0_0

Anyway, my painting I blogged about a post or two ago has sold! I got $100. I opened a savings account, finally. :) Recently, I've started a painting at art class of pumpkins, because (1) it seems appropriate and (2) my Aunt's birthday is next month and she loves pumpkins. I'm really excited. Painting is so fun.

Someone told me the other day that I had gotten a lot taller. YAY! I, President of the American Society of Annoyingly Short People, have GROWN! I'm so happy.

Okay, I know this is about to sound strange, but- Um..I kind of caught the Bieber Fever. I know, I know. Don't criticize. :D

I have to go to SLEEPING BEAUTY practice. Be back later. :D

Well, I didn't like the last theme, so I changed it...I know, I know. I'll leave it like this for a while. I love the picture header. I took it in England. It's funny, because I never take good pictures and usually end up with a stack of ripped pictures in my wastebasket.

Anyway, I'm working on a picture to enter in the State Fair. It's on an 11" by 14" canvas, done in oils, of a friend I go to art with. After the Fair, I'll post pictures of it.

One last thing before I go- I was searching around on Netflix last Friday night, and came across a series I hadn't seen in a year, maybe two. It's called Shaun the Sheep. It's my favorite animated show. Actually, though, it's claymation. So maybe I should say it's my favorite claymation show. But that's really the only one I watch. . .Hmm. My goodness, I read what I just wrote. I do ramble, don't I?

Shaun the Sheep is about a (surprise!) sheep. He and his flock live on a farm in England. There aren't any words, but there are noises, gestures, etc. The sheep are quite wacky and very clever, and so they can't let the farmer know they aren't normal sheep.  It's so funny! I love Shaun the Sheep!

Anyhow, I've got to go- I'll be back soon, I promise.


We got the cast list for Sleeping Beauty, the play I'm doing that I blogged about a few posts ago. I'm a seamstress for Sleeping Beauty (AKA Joli). It's going to be so fun!! I'm thrilled. I'll blog more later; I'm in a coffee shop and it's busy.   :)