I know it's been..well, exactly twenty days since I posted. I never had any idea that I'd be so busy! I've been going to school, and doing school, (...) getting feather extensions (YESS!!! Pink zebra :D) going to the fair, hanging with friends, painting, cleaning, and cooking. It's a little insane to be me right now. 0_0

Anyway, my painting I blogged about a post or two ago has sold! I got $100. I opened a savings account, finally. :) Recently, I've started a painting at art class of pumpkins, because (1) it seems appropriate and (2) my Aunt's birthday is next month and she loves pumpkins. I'm really excited. Painting is so fun.

Someone told me the other day that I had gotten a lot taller. YAY! I, President of the American Society of Annoyingly Short People, have GROWN! I'm so happy.

Okay, I know this is about to sound strange, but- Um..I kind of caught the Bieber Fever. I know, I know. Don't criticize. :D

I have to go to SLEEPING BEAUTY practice. Be back later. :D

11/21/2011 11:21:33 am

Ooh, show us a picture of your extensions!


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