Aaah.....Well, spring starts in four days, so it seems appropriate to write a poem about, (you guessed it!) Spring. So this is my take on it.
Hello! Hello!
Haven't you heard?
You HAVEN'T? No?
Why, sir! Spring is here, why haven't you learned?

For, to not notice all the freshness
You truly must be blind!
The rivers running, the green grass growing,
Sweet and intertwined.

The opening buds
Of flowers, e'er so new
The butterflies, wobbly and delicate,
trying to get at the dew.

Oh! And sir! I almost forgot
To tell you about the new leaves on the trees
With care and newness, they are wrought
Opening the folds, the green leaves, oh, they attract the bees.

The chirping birds, how they sing
 A new song, one of life,
Through the woods and valleys, the song does ring
All the animals, no longer living in strife

The cloudless days,
Though a chill wind,
Oh! Spring DOES have its way,
My opinion of you, sir, however will not bend.

So, I tell you, sir, if you'll excuse me,
you must be blind, to not see all this beauty.

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