The party was a big hit. The night of it, all us girls put on some cute dresses and baked some good- and I mean GOOD- food. Creme Brulee turned out to be delicious. I made Emery give me the recipe.

We bought balloons, (sadly, Blaire's Uncle's rubber factory was stubborn and we couldn't get them for free.) and we also found an old-fashioned record player at a garage sale. We got some old records with it and set that up for the party. Who wouldn't want to hear the Beatles? They were classics! 

Also, we watched Despicable Me and Leap Year, laughing the whole time.

Anyway, we all ended up having an awesome night. The party wound down around 10:30, and everyone was gone by 11:00. All, that is, except Emery. Her aunt was in Tampa so she spent the night.

The next day, we woke up and ate pineapple for breakfast(freshest ever!) and then we went to the beach for the day. Charlie, Blaire and Malaya didn't show, so we figured they'd slept in.

I was leaving in two days.

That was the problem. I was so upset at the prospect. I mean, back home I had all my other friends, but these friends were special. What would I do?
3/14/2012 07:07:30 am

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Now write the next chapter in celebration.


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