Hi! I know it's been forever since I've posted,  but just to say, you can find me on Polyvore and see my creations!

My Username: marenkate

See you guys soon! I've been soooo busy, my birthday's next week, I'm in a play, I'm starting school, etc. Hectic. Anyway, TTYL!
I'm at the beach right now. Freezing as it is, I took some pretty pictures. More to come soon, I'm going shelling tomorrow and expect to get some good shells. I've read that in the winter since there are now tourists, the shelling is the best! I'll take pictures if I find anything pretty. Wish me luck!
Read the title.


C'mon, one last time.

What is it you think I've done? I'll tell you. I've published the next chapter of OVERWHELMED, my current short story. Check it out, guys- endings are always epic, sad or not. I'll write more soon!

Kate :D
Hey guys! Wow, I have a lot of stuff to say. I guess that's what I get for not posting in some long, right? Whatever. Anyway, my mom just left the house- to sign me up for public school! Yep, that's right, no more homeschool. Lol. I'm kinda scared, but I usually make people laugh so I'm planning on making friends. Also, Spring Break is coming up!! Yay!! I'm thrilled- we might go on a trip, but I'll try to make time to post more of Overwhelmed. It's been so long since I have, good grief. 

Oh yeah, there's this bird in my backyard that keeps clinging to the mesh on our windows. It's driving our three (yes, THREE) cat insane. They'll try to leap at the window, the bird will fly off, then it will come back two minutes later to another window. I think it's funny but it's absolutely torturing my darling kitties. :)

Also, I have a funny pic to share of my kitty:
Kind of awkward, but whatever; it's funny. I'm so glad about it warming up finally, by the way! Earlier I was in the yard doing cartwheels. I'm sure it wasn't that pretty, though . .  So I'll end there, before this gets scarier :P See you guys soon!
I went to the mall with my mom today! I got some really cute stuff and had lots of laughs :D We also got some of those giant hot pretzels and lattes from Starbucks. I love my mom. <3    

Anyway, just for fun, here's some of the stuff I purchased for Spring:
Got this from AE. I love it <3
From Delia's.
Got this at Delia's, too. It's a cardi that ties in the front. Imma wear it with the dress I got at AE.

This concludes my shopping adventure. See you guys soon.

http://101crazythings.weebly.com/ ~my new site
Anyway, it's a new year. I don't think it matters too much if I don't post on New Years Day. Father Time will forgive me ;)

So, I know I haven't been posting lately,....but who has? I mean, with holidays and the new year...Everyone's busy. However, I plan to be back on schedule soon. I'm actually working on another site right now, so that explains why poor Blue Jasmine has been so neglected. I'll still keep this one, though. :) My mother is quite upset at me right now, and wants me to get off her laptop, but before I go, check out creativewritingprompts.com/  I have such a wonderful time drawing out my need to write. Plus it helps me burn some steam. Anyway, I did #1 today, so you guys can follow along with me as I do them, in order of course. Maybe sometimes, I could post my prompt answers?? Would that be interesting enough??

New poem, everyone- check it out. I have to go, I'll be back after Christmas. Have a merry one!! 

Time for a life update!!

First of all, I started wrapping presents yesterday, and that me so, so happy. I love wrapping presents, even though I'm kind of  fail at it. I like the shiny, waxy feel of new gift bags and I love to cut wrapping paper because it makes a cool noise. I also LOVE to place bows and ribbons on the top of  the presents. It's also fun how people don't know what the presents are. Being secretive is all part of the act.

This year, we bought a stocking for all of our cats to share. It's covered in pawprints and it says, "Leave the gifts. Take the dog." Which is funny because I have a dog- a huge, white, 109 lb. English Golden retriever. And needless to say, the three cats are not very fond of him.

So right now, I'm into ADELE. My dad bought some ADELE songs last week, in fact- yes, my dad. We were all surprised. My dad said he was really impressed with her voice. She's got a lovely British accent and a beautiful voice- and her blog is fascinating. Definitely check it out! :)

Also, I'm into two TV shows- The Cosby Show, and Cops. The Cosby Show I wasn't expecting to like because it's from the 80's but it's actually really funny- I love it, my brother loves it, and my parents love it too. It's on Netflix. Watch it- you'll be surprised.
Cops is . . .well, cops. Police officers, with camera-men, filming the real-life arrests they make. It's pretty funny too, sometimes- but also kind of sad. So I watch the Cosby show more often than that. But they're both good, only Cops isn't on Netflix. 

So that's about all that's going on with me. Be back soon. Merry Christmas!

I posted some artwork! I did. Two things, actually. But besides that, I deleted several pages of BLUE JASMINE I thought were unnecessary. Hope nobody misses them. . .I know I won't.

Anyway, Google Buzz is dying in January. I'm really sad. . .But I'll get a Facebook soon, so I'll be okay. I'll miss all my friends on there though. 

Lastly, the HOLIDAYS are upon us! I can't believe it. Already. Wow. .I have to buy gifts and wrap and be secretive and all that. I can't believe it's that time of year again! Here's a picture to get us all in the mood: